Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Cupcakes

12 Days of Christmas Treats: Day 9

Holiday Cupcakes

24 prepared cupcakes
white, red, and green fondant
buttercream icing
3 inch round biscuit cutter
leaf cutter
fondant veining tool
rolling pin
small red candies such as red hots

Roll out white fondant and cut out circles with biscuit cutter. Attach white circles to cupcakes with icing. Roll out green fondant and cut out leaves. Use the veining tool to create leaf veins. Arrange leaves on cupcakes and attach with icing. Attach red candies to leaves with a tiny dab of icing. Roll out red fondant and cut out circles with biscuit cutter. Divide circles into 6 wedges. Place 3 wedges on each cupcake and attach with icing. Roll red and white fondant into 4 inch long pieces. Wrap the pieces around each other. Form into a candy cane and attach to cupcake with icing.

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