Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wilton I Lesson 2

In lesson 2 we learned how to make different types of borders such as the shell border and drop flower border. We also learned how to create figures such as clowns.

Here is a photo of my lesson 2 project. This cake is a single layer white cake (boxed mix).

I learned a couple of things from this project. First when creating a 3D figure cake make sure the top of the cake container has some extra clearance over the figures. My little clowns got squished on the way home so I had to re-create them. The second thing I learned was to experiment. Sometimes mistakes turn out to be great creative touches. I wanted to put a shell border around the bottom and top of my cake. I accidentally grabbed the wrong tip though and made a unique ruffle border. It looked much better in person than it does in the photo. Everyone in my class thought it was pretty cool.

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