Friday, May 16, 2008

Wilton Course IV Class 1 Fondant & Gum Paste

I am now taking the last and final Wilton Course. For the first class we played with fondant. The project was to cover a cake base with marbleized fondant in the color of your choice. The cake base will be used for our final cake. I decided to color my fondant yellow. The marble is very faint. Some of the darker colors like blue and purple had a more obvious marble. You have to roll out the fondant to a very large circle in order to cover a 14" base. The you have to put a thin coat of piping get all over the base so the fondant will stick. Finally cover the base with the fondant, smooth it out and trim the excess. Mine turned out nicely without any wrinkles. I still don't understand the point of covering a cake base with fondant. I think the original silver foil would look just as good if not better. I think the purpose of the project was just to have us practice working with fondant.

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