Friday, May 16, 2008

Wilton Course IV Class 2

The project for Wilton Course IV Class 2 was to cover a cake with white fondant and use a fondant/gum paste mix to create a drape, border, and daisies. I used my homemade fondant for this cake too. I really like the consistency and it is very easy to make. So far I am not a fan of gum paste. It is very stiff and when I mixed it with fondant it left little hard pieces that didn't blend. The gum paste is supposed to make the decorations dry hard.

When I covered my cake with white fondant the fondant wanted to wrinkle around the sides. My teacher showed me how to set it so the fondant would be perfectly smooth all the way around. Since I had some leftover pink fondant I decided to make the drape and borders pink for this cake. All of these decorations were a little too much for this cake. It probably would have looked better with just a simple drape and a few flowers but creating the border and swag gave us more practice with fondant. It doesn't really matter what it looks like because my co-workers will eat anything.

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