Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Shower Cake

My sister is expecting twins (a girl and a boy) so I made this cake for her baby shower. The bottom cake is a 10" double layer chocolate cake covered with white fondant and light blue, medium blue, and dark blue various size dots. The top cake is a 6" double layer yellow cake covered with white fondant and light pink, medium pink, and dark pink dots with a pink fondant bow. I think this was a big hit at the shower. I don't think I will be making too many of these though. The decorating part took 5+ hours and the baking took another 3+ hours. I think it took so long because I had some trouble with the fondant. Climate definitely affected the consistency. I use a homemade fondant (you can find the recipe if you search my blog), but I am used to making it in hot, dry Phoenix, AZ. When I made it in humid Austin, TX it was very sticky and soft and hard to roll out. I added extra powdered sugar and that help a little. I think it turned out ok considering the trouble I had with it.

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