Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chocolate Cake

Chase has been asking for a chocolate cake for a while. I kept promising him that I will make one. When he saw my Wilton Course II cake he really wanted some but I had already promised it to Lydia. Besides that cake was french vanilla and I knew Chase would rather have chocolate. He thought the basket weave and rope looked tasty and specifically requested those for his cake. I wanted to add some flowers but since the rest of the cake was chocolate I thought that I should continue with the theme. I used melted chocolate bark to make the roses. This was very challenging because I had to get the chocolate at the right consistency. It couldn't be too hard or too soft. I made lots of roses but only a few were worthy of topping a cake. Like I said the chocolate was difficult to work with and it turned my kitchen into a mess. If anyone has better ideas for making stiff chocolate roses please leave me a comment.

Chase said the cake was yummy and the best he's ever had. He can't wait to eat the chocolate roses.

Here are some pics of the chocolate cake.


~Amber~ said...

What a delicious looking cake!! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm chocolate.... looks very good!