Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wilton Course II Final Cake

I just completed Wilton Course II. In this course I learned how to make a mum, rosebud, violet, apple blossom, Victorian rose, primrose, daffodil, pansy, and daisy. I learned how to work with royal icing and color flow. I also made color flow birds. In the final class I learned how to make a basket weave and rope border. I think the pansy and primrose are my favorite flowers.

Here are some pictures of my final cake for course II.

This cake is dedicated to my co-worker Lydia who just had a milestone birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Lydia!


Anonymous said...

looks great..i am dying to take wilton classes! you did a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am SOOO loving this with the yellow border! Great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your flowers are perfect! My final cake for course 2 is next week, I hope it comes out as nicely as yours!