Monday, December 29, 2008

Here's to a Healthier 2009

I had so much fun in 2008 trying new recipes and publishing a wide variety of blog posts. However, looking back at some of the posts I wonder how I didn't gain 100 pounds this year.

There were 20 Wilton posts relating to my cake decorating classes (that's a lot of cake!).

There were 16 cookie posts (I doubt even Santa could eat this many cookies!).

There were 8 Snack food posts. Some snack foods are healthy but I doubt any of these qualify.

There were 20 dessert posts. "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips."

And the winner for the ultimate unhealthy food post of the year... Fried Snickers!

In 2009 I am turning over a new leaf. Yes folks you heard that right. This junk food junkie, sweet tooth sweetie, cream and butter queen is going to attempt a new health food challenge. In 2009 my goal is to post at least one healthy recipe each week on Mondays. There will even be a new blog category for healthy food. Everyone probably has their own definition of healthy. I'm not going to take this to vegan extremes but I will try recipes that are low fat, low sodium, and low calorie. I plan to get my inspiration from Weight Watchers, Cooking Light, and Sparkpeople recipes as well as other sources. Don't worry I will still post new cookie, cake, and snack recipes in the new year because I could never give up these vices for an entire year. But I am taking baby steps. I also started a new blog called Live N' It Up which is about striving for a balanced, healthy life. This blog will include fitness posts, book reviews, indoor and outdoor activities, and much more to keep me accountable in my quest to live healthier.

Look for the Healthy Recipe Challenge Logo in 2009. Feel free to join me in this challenge too and use this logo in your healthy blog posts.

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