Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My 12 Days of Cookies - Day 9

Every year the Food Network features 12 Days of Cookies. If you sign up here you can receive a new cookie recipe in your inbox each day.

Some of them look pretty good and some of them are not my style. This year I decided to do my own version of 12 Days of Cookies. Feel feel to join me in this challenge and make your own 12 cookie recipes (one each day).

Today's recipe isn't really a cookie but what is Christmas without rum balls?

Rum Balls
method adapted from Bakerella Blog Cupcake Pops

1 pkg chocolate cake mix plus ingredients to make cake
1 container cream cheese frosting
4 shots rum
1 pkg chocolate bark
1/4 pkg white chocolate bark

1. Prepare cake according to package directions and allow to cool completely.
2. Break up cake into crumbles and throughly mix with frosting.
3. Add rum to cake/frosting mix and throughly combine.
4. Cover a large cookie sheet with wax paper.
5. Form cake mixture into 1 inch balls and set each ball on wax paper.
6. Freeze rum balls over night.
7. Melt chocolate bark in microwave on high for 30 seconds at a time until melted.
8. Remove rum balls from freezer.
9. Dip each ball in chocolate one at a time and allow excess to drip off. Set on wax paper to dry. *I found it easier to use bamboo skewers and place one ball on the skewer at a time. Use a spoon to cover the ball in chocolate and allow excess to drip off. Place skewers in a tall glass or vase until chocolate dries. If the rum balls become too soft place them back in the freezer until they are easier to work with.
10. Melt white chocolate in micorwave. Place in a small zipper sandwich bag and cut a tiny piece off one of the corners. Drizzle chocolate over each rum ball.
11. Enjoy!
12. Store in a cool, dry place or freeze them.

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